I'm Luis Quintero
Digital media consultant

I’m the guy who can take your small business or your company beyond the internet.

About Me

Social communicator and digital journalist with experience in digital media. Experienced with all stages of the development cycle in WordPress projects. Content manager for several WordPress sites including text, image, or video producing. Strong background in landing page design, acquisition, maintenance and renovation of web domains, email accounts, cloud data, among others.

Skill Highlights
  • Self-learning
  • Complex problem solver
  • Costumer service
  • Creative design
  • Innovative
  • Service-focused

What Services I'm Providing

I have experience as a consultant in these areas: 

Web domains

Starting an online business needs to choose a good web domain. We will help you to get which one fits your business.

www. yourbusiness.com

Web hosting

If you buy a car, you need a car spot. Same as a website. We can provide you with the hosting for your website. It does not matter how small or big is.

Web design

Having a good website means a lot to your business. It’s your image on the internet. It has to be fast, simple, and, importantly, must have everything your customers need. They only need a click to stay or to leave.

Corporate e-mail​

Have you started your business already and still keep your “business” email like isellcakes@gmail.com? It does not sound quite corporate.


You can have a corporate email such as info@mybusiness.ca.

From one account to as much as you want.

Digital marketing

Your website needs you and you need help for your website. It does not run by itself. We have digital strategies to enhance your website and to enhance your presence on the web.

SEO, SEM, Email marketing, social media marketing.

E - commerce

Want to sell online? Let’s do it. We build your online store. It does not matter whether you sell cakes, clothes, or airplanes. We create your whole e-commerce site, including the electronic payment platform.

“The goal of the web is to serve humanity. We build it now so that those who come to it later will be able to create things that we cannot ourselves imagine.” 

Tim Berners Lee

My Portfolio

We have made some good jobs. Here we have some of them: 

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